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Can You Spend Less
On Tires & Fuel?

The answer to that is YES! Pro Mobile Align, a name that has been trusted for over 20 years is moving to a new name, but still has the experience and knowledge to help reduce your fuel and tire costs, all while increasing driver retention.

Learn more about how below, and then give us a call to set up an appointment and watch your savings grow!


Making Your Shop Foreman's Life Easier.

One of the biggest key factors in getting maintenance done on your fleet is the downtime that results from your driver being idle. Our services and programs avoid that, since we come to you when your truck is not in use - saving you money on services you need to keep your fleet running efficiently.

Things We Offer

Evening & Weekends

Coming to you when your drivers are not driving is one of our claims to fame! We schedule your appointment at the best times to help keep you moving!

We Come To Your Location

You already pay your drivers well to do their job, there’s no reason to pay them to sit while their truck is being serviced. Let us work when your drivers are not!

1 Year / 100k Warranty

What good is excellent service without a warranty to back it? All of our work is backed by an unheard of 1 year 100k mile warranty, proving our expertise!

Same Day Next Day

Need something looked at in a hurry? We are here to fill that need! Call us today to get your first appointment scheduled, and see the savings appear!


The first alignment with new clients is always 50% off with Find Fleet Savings.

We do this for many reasons - the primary one reason is so we can track that vehicles progress afterward to help get you the proof that you are going to save money on fuel and tire costs. How many places have you worked with proved the savings they promised?