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Are You
Sending Away Work?

Are you sending alignments to your competitor if you don't do alignments? Consider this - does the shop that you are sending them to do the same work you do? Are you turning away business because the truck does not fit on your alignment rack? We will not only take care of things and keep your business coming back to you, we will also send business to you!


Keep Customers Coming Back

We do everything we can to keep your customer coming back. We back our service with warranties and guarantees to ensure quality service. We

We have been in business for 22 years, so not only will we keep your customer coming back, we also have a lot of new customers that we can send your way.

Four facts about the technology

Evening & Weekends

Coming to your customers all times of the day. We schedule appointments at the best times and go to their facility to help keep your customers coming back!

Discount Alignments

We will give you a discount when you use us for alignments, so not only will you get work from the alignment, but also make money on the alignment itself.

1 Year / 100k Warranty

What good is excellent service without a warranty to back it? All of our work is backed by a 1 year / 100k mile warranty, proving our expertise!

Working Together

We find a lot of parts that need to be worked on and replaced when we do alignments. We will send this work your way so we can work together to give the best result.

Bringing Your Customer Back!

We can get your customer on a tire maintenance program so he comes back to you for rotation, spring pin bushing, and spring check.

We will tell our owner ops from across the country to come to your location to get alignments done this will mostly turn into more business for you!